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Popadom   £0.60
Chicken Tikka
(Diced Chicken marinated in yoghurt cooked over charcoal)
Meat Tikka
(Diced Lamb marinated in yogurt cooked over charcoal)
Duck Tikka
(Diced Duck marinated in yogurt cooked over charcoal)
Chicken Chat
(Chicken tikka cooked with chat massala)
Chicken Pakora
(Chicken fried in butter, served with salad)
Chicken Polok Pakora
(Chicken tikka cooked with spinach)
Chicken Chat Massala
(Chicken cooked in tandoori sauce)
?Bengal Fish Massala
?(Cooked with medium thick sauce with fresh coriander & herbs)
Sheek Kebab
(Lamb mixed with onions & herbs cooked
over tandoori)
Shami Kebab
(Lamb minced with onions & herbs & fried)
Mixed Kebab
(An assortment from the tandoori cuisine)
Kakra Chat
(Minced crab meat spiced with mashed potato served with puri)
Prawn Puree
(Prawns cooked in spices & served on puree)
King Prawn Puree
(King prawns cooked in spices & served on pancake)
King Prawn Butterfly
(King prawns marinated in sauce &fried)
Tandoori King Prawn
(Marinated King Prawns cooked over charcoal)
Tandoori Chicken
(Marinated chicken cooked over charcoal)
Mixed Platter
(An assortment from the tandoori cuisine)
Onion Bhaji
(Chopped onions fried in gram flour and spices)
(Vegetable or meat)
Chicken Tikka Samosa   £3.50
Fish Pakora
(Finely chopped peppers blended together with
spice & deep fried)
Prawn Cocktail   £4.95
Garlic Mushrooms   £3.95
Mixed Starter for 2   £8.95
Mixed Starter for 4   £14.95


Prices and dishes may change from time to time..